Our Specialties

As one of the leading online wholesale packaging suppliers in Semarang, we offer a comprehensive range of products that crosses all industry segments from Food to Retail to Promotional and Gift. Our goal is to provide quality products that meet your needs.

Kristina Dewi, Kadus Kaduz – Card & Craft.

Design the perfect box for your product – you choose the size, colour, finish and more!

We manufacture strong and high-quality custom boxes right here in our Semarang factory. Whether you need boxes for delivery, presentation or point of sale, The Packaging Place can help you create the perfect box for your business. There are a huge array of designs, colours and finishes available for your custom design.

While you’re designing your custom boxes, have you thought about custom labels to add an extra-special touch to your packaging?


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Benefit of having a custom box

Branding and consumer experience

Custom boxes and packaging take your product to the next level and represents your brand exactly as you imagined.

The most distinct advantage of using a custom box over a standard stock box is marketing and branding. When customers receive your product in a beautifully printed and uniquely designed box, they will remember your company. The heightened experience of receiving your product in special packaging will keep purchasers returning for more. Take advantage of this opportunity to further reinforce your brand, visibility, and potential for future business with the customer.

You can design your own unique box or customise one of our standard boxes.



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